Home Symphony: The Dekat Renovation

Exterior Home Remodel | 2023

A Brief Overview

Harshaw Home Renovators undertook a transformative project with the Dekats, offering a comprehensive array of services that ranged from interior design consultations to personalized room makeovers and bespoke furniture creation. From conceptualization to execution, the project journey involved close coordination, ensuring a unified design vision for the living spaces.

The result was a seamless and stylish aesthetic that breathed new life into the Dekats’ home. The project not only focused on visual appeal but also delved into integrating unique and meaningful elements into the design. This thoughtful approach created spaces that were not only beautiful but also served as a genuine reflection of the Dekats’ personality and lifestyle.

Key Elements:

A Deeper Look At The Transformation

I glow every time I walk with my friends and we come up to my house.

- Kimberly Dekat

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