The Quad Bunk Kingdom: The Bures Bedroom Renovation

Bedroom Remodel | 2023

A Brief Overview

The Bures family’s home renovation, known as the “quad bunk Kingdom,” undertaken in collaboration with Harshaw Home Renovators, stands as a testament to the successful transformation of their kids’ bedroom. 

Facing challenges with the existing setup for their four children, the Bures family sought a solution that could efficiently accommodate the growing needs of their kids. The project involved addressing issues such as limited space, dead space, and the impracticality of a sliding glass door. 

With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, the collaborative effort between the family and HHR led to the creation of a well-designed quad bunk setup. 

Throughout the renovation, the family highlighted the importance of timeliness, clear communication, and a clean construction process. The result is a highly satisfying experience, reflected in the Bures family’s perfect rating of ten, as they now enjoy a beautifully redesigned space that caters to the unique needs of each child.

Key Elements:

A Deeper Look At The Transformation

We rate our overall experience a perfect ten, and we now enjoy a beautifully redesigned space that exceeds our expectations.

- Kyle Bures

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