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Kitchen pricing

WHat does the "HHR process" look like?

We know what a giant undertaking any renovation project can be, especially if a client is living in the home during the process. Its like having a suit customtailored while you are wearing it. It is often a necessary inconvenience to which we are sensitive, and are equipped to ensure as enjoyable of a process as is possible. Its our driving passion.
That said, the more information that we can provide for our clientpartners on the front end, the better their experience will be before, during, and after the project is completed. We dont prescribe quickfixes, or use buildersgrade materials just to save a buck. You likely know that getting it right takes time, and no small investmentand HHR simply wouldnt deliver it in any other way.
It goes without saying that costs can vary greatly on a projectbyproject basis. Our previous clientpartners have discovered that pricing is largely dependent upon the scope of work needed, the investment they are comfortable with making, and the final product selections they desire to see in their finished space.
During our followup phone conversation (after HHR has had time to review your submitted photos), well probe a bit more deeply in an attempt to drill down on the very specific wants and wishes you have for your new bathroom. Wed love to discuss which ideas we think will work, and which ones may need some additional consideration.
Whether its Harshaw Home Renovators or another company with whom you choose to partner, you are about to invest a lot of money in the next chapter of why you love your home. Experience dictates that you will only collaborate with people whom you know, like, and trust. Wed like to earn that opportunity by being upfront with a few figures from similar (though not identical) projects to yours.
No matter how your project looks now, there’s no vision that Harshaw Home Renovators can’t make a reality. If you are willing, we will help to guide you through the process of helping you to write the next chapter of why you love your home. 
*Please note that these examples are merely estimates based on cumulative averages of past work weve completed for previous clients. Every project has its own fingerprint, so the exact costs are both relative and unique to your tastes and requests.

Kitchen remodeling: average prices & inclusions

level one kitchen remodel

  • Professional designer assistance and concept renderings
  • Full demolition and removal of all project debris
  • Use Existing Cabinetry Layout
  • Existing Flooring Removed and Replaced with Luxury Vinyl Tile/Planking
  • Appliances Remain in Existing Locations
  • HHRLevel 1 Cabinetry & Doors/Drawers/Hardware
  • HHRLevel 1 Plumbing Fixtures
  • HHRLevel 1 Countertops (Not Granite/Quartz)
  • Ceramic Tile Backsplash (Horizontal or Vertical Tile Pattern)
  • Kitchen size 100 to 125 sq. ft.
  • $65,000+

level two kitchen remodel

  • Professional designer assistance and concept renderings
  • Full demolition and removal of all project debris
  • Cabinetry Layout Modifications Allowed within Existing Space
  • Existing Flooring Replaced with Upscale Luxury Vinyl Tile/Planking/Ceramic Tile
  • Appliances May Be Moved to Other Locations
  • HHRLevel 2 Cabinetry
  • HHRLevel 2 Plumbing Fixtures
  • HHRLevel 2 Countertops (Granite/Quartz)
  • Ceramic Tile Backsplash (Chevron/Basketweave Tile Pattern)
  • Kitchen Size 125 to 150 sq. ft.
  • $78,000+

level three kitchen remodel

level 2 kitchen
  • Professional designer assistance and concept renderings
  • Full demolition and removal of all project debris
  • Remove Existing Walls to Accommodate Expanded Kitchen Design Layouts
  • New/Refinished Hardwood Flooring in New Kitchen Area (Possible Adjacent Rooms
  • Appliances may be Moved to Other Locations
  • Customized Cabinetry Options
  • HHRLevel 3 Plumbing Fixtures
  • HHRLevel 3 Countertops (Granite/Quartz/Custom Butcherblock Tops)
  • Natural Stone Tile Backsplash Kitchen Size 150 to 200 sq. ft.
  • $96,000+