How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity for Your Space in Ottawa, KS

Vanity, Vanity Everywhere

Have you ever struggled to find enough storage in your bathroom or felt like your current bathroom vanity just isn’t cutting it?

Or maybe you’re planning a bathroom remodel and need to choose the perfect vanity but aren’t sure where to start.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to select the right bathroom vanity for your space, balancing both functionality and aesthetics.

From understanding your bathroom layout to picking the ideal vanity size and style, we’ll walk you through the whole process.

By the end of this post, you’ll be equipped with all the tips and insights you need to confidently choose a vanity that enhances your Ottawa bathroom and simplifies your daily routine.

Next up, let’s dive into understanding your bathroom layout so you can maximize every inch of your space.

Understanding Your Bathroom Layout

double sink vanity

Measuring Your Space

Accurate measurements are crucial for choosing the perfect bathroom vanity that fits comfortably and functions well in your bathroom space.

  • Importance of Precise Measurements
    Measure the width, height, and depth of the area where you plan to install the vanity. Ensure you account for door swings, drawers, and other fixtures that might interfere with movement.
    • Width: Determined by measuring from the front left edge of the vanity to the front right edge.
    • Height: Measure from the bottom of the vanity to the top edge of the countertop.
    • Depth: Measure from the back edge of the vanity to the front edge.

  • Consider Your Bathroom Layout
    • Note door swings (bathroom and shower doors) and nearby fixtures such as toilets and towel racks.
    • Make sure there’s enough clearance for drawers and cabinet doors to open fully.

Assessing Plumbing and Space Constraints

Before finalizing your measurements, identify the location of your plumbing connections and consider any limitations imposed by your bathroom layout.

  • Plumbing Location
    • Ensure the vanity aligns with existing plumbing or plan for a remodel.
    • Opt for a bathroom sink vanity that allows easy plumbing access.

  • Tips for Narrow, Wide, or Oddly Shaped Bathrooms
    • Narrow Bathrooms: Explore small bathroom vanities or wall-mounted vanities that maximize floor space.
    • Wide Bathrooms: Consider luxury bathroom vanities with ample storage or double vanities.
    • Oddly Shaped Spaces: Corner vanities offer efficient use of tight quarters and provide storage without obstructing movement.

Understanding your bathroom layout will help you make a confident choice, ensuring your new vanity enhances your space rather than detracts from it.

Let’s move on to choosing the right size vanity to fit your bathroom perfectly.

Choosing the Right Size Vanity

Gray bathroom vanity with gold fixtures

Selecting the correct size bathroom vanity ensures that it fits seamlessly into your bathroom space without compromising on storage or functionality.

Width Guidelines

Standard Widths for Single and Double Vanities

  • Single Vanities: 18″ to 48″
    • Best suited for small bathrooms or powder rooms.

  • Double Vanities: 60″ to 72″
    • Ideal for primary bathrooms or larger shared spaces.

Tailoring Vanity Width to Your Bathroom Size

  • Small Bathrooms: Opt for compact bathroom sink vanities with widths up to 36″.

  • Medium-Sized Bathrooms: A versatile choice would be single vanities between 30″ and 60″.

  • Larger Bathrooms: Explore double vanities up to 72″ for ample storage and luxury.

Height Recommendations

Optimal vanity heights differ depending on the type of bathroom and its users.

  • Primary Bathroom Vanity: 36″ height provides comfortable use for adults.

  • Guest Bathroom Vanity: 32″ to 34″ high for a blend of adult and child use.

  • Kids’ Bathroom Vanity: 30″ high, keeping it accessible for children.

Depth Considerations

Standard and variable depths are available based on bathroom size.

  • Standard Depth: 21″ deep for most vanities.

  • Variable Depths:
    • Shallow Depth (14” to 18”): Perfect for narrow bathrooms.
    • Deep Vanity (22” to 26”): Ideal for spacious primary bathrooms with integrated sinks.

Choosing the right size bathroom vanity ensures efficient use of your bathroom space and suits your style and functional needs perfectly.

In the next section, we’ll explore selecting the right vanity cabinet.

Selecting the Right Vanity Cabinet

Brushed brass tap mixer on timber vanity with white basin bowl

Single vs. Double Sink Vanity

Choosing between single and double bathroom vanities depends on your space and needs.

  • Single Vanities
    • Ideal for small bathrooms, offering simplicity and functionality.
    • Widths range from 18″ to 48″.

  • Double Vanities
    • Suitable for larger bathrooms and main suites.
    • Offer dual sinks and ample storage, with widths between 60″ and 72″.

Tips for Deciding:

  • Consider daily usage and whether multiple people will use the vanity simultaneously.

  • Double vanities work best for shared bathrooms, while single vanities suit guest or powder rooms.

Storage Needs

Evaluating Storage Requirements:

  • Ample Storage: Choose vanities with drawers, cabinets, and shelves to keep toiletries organized.

  • Exposed Storage: Open shelving or niches provide easy access to daily essentials.

Common Storage Solutions:

  • Drawers: Provide sleek organization for smaller items like toiletries and cosmetics.

  • Cabinets: Ideal for towels and larger bathroom essentials.

  • Special Features: Pull-out shelves, organizers, and hidden niches maximize storage.

Style Options

Freestanding vs. Floating: Benefits and Ideal Scenarios

  • Freestanding Vanities
    • Standalone cabinets that sit directly on the floor.
    • Suitable for both large and small bathroom spaces, providing a classic look.

  • Floating Vanities (Wall-Mounted)
    • Attach directly to the wall, creating a modern, sleek appearance.
    • Great for small bathrooms, as they visually open up floor space.
    • Floating vanities work well in bathrooms that need to be ADA-accessible due to the open space beneath them.

  • Corner Vanities
    • Perfect for tight or awkward spaces, like small bathrooms or powder rooms.
    • Provide storage without obstructing movement.

Selecting the right vanity cabinet ensures you have a practical and stylish centerpiece for your bathroom that suits your unique style.

Next, let’s explore how to choose a vanity top and material that will elevate your space.

Vanity Tops and Material Choices


Choosing a Vanity Top

When selecting the perfect bathroom vanity top, it’s important to consider size, overhang, and materials to ensure a seamless fit with your cabinet.

  • Matching Vanity Top Dimensions with Cabinets
    • Add 1″ to the cabinet width for the vanity top overhang.
    • Example: If the bathroom sink vanity is 48″ wide, choose a 49″ wide vanity top.

  • Overhang Considerations
    • Ensure that drawers and cabinet doors can still open freely.
    • Account for the placement of adjacent fixtures.

Material Options

Benefits and Drawbacks of Common Vanity Top Materials:

  • Granite
    • Durable, heat and scratch-resistant natural stone.
    • Requires sealing to maintain stain resistance.

  • Quartz
    • Engineered stone that’s non-porous, stain-resistant, and low-maintenance.
    • Offers a wide range of color options.

  • Cultured Marble
    • Blend of marble dust and resins for a classic marble look.
    • Affordable and seamless but less durable than natural stone.

  • Solid Surface from the Onyx Collection:
    • Durable and customizable with integrated sinks.
    • Higher-end look and feel, but at a lower price point than natural stone.

Maintenance and Durability

Comparing Durability and Maintenance Across Materials:

  • Granite and Quartz:
    • Highly durable but require periodic sealing for granite.
    • Scratch and heat-resistant.

  • Cultured Marble and Laminate:
    • Low-cost options but less durable.
    • Require gentle cleaning and care to avoid scratches.

Material Selection Tips:

  • Choose granite or quartz for a long-lasting and elegant vanity top.

  • Cultured marble or laminate is ideal for those seeking affordable bathroom vanities.

A carefully selected bathroom vanity top will reflect your style while providing quality and durability.

Next, we’ll delve into the style and aesthetic considerations that will elevate your bathroom’s look.

Style and Aesthetic Considerations

classic minimalist bathroom with a vanity mirror, elegant sink, and neutral color scheme

Choosing Your Vanity Style

Selecting a vanity style that complements your bathroom can create a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Follow the link to discover the difference between traditional vs. modern designs for bathrooms in Ottawa.

  • Modern Bathroom Vanities
    • Characterized by sleek lines, minimalist cabinets, and premium materials.
    • Ideal for contemporary homes with clean, uncluttered looks.

  • Transitional Style
    • Combines traditional and modern elements for a timeless look.
    • Neutral color palettes, classic silhouettes, and modern hardware.

  • Farmhouse
    • Rustic finishes, apron sinks, and natural wood elements.
    • Reflects a warm, cozy ambiance with simple, unfussy designs.

  • Mid-Century
    • Features retro-inspired shapes, bold colors, and natural wood.
    • Incorporates geometric forms and a combination of natural and synthetic materials.

Selecting the Right Color

The color of your vanity can significantly impact the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

  • White: Classic, versatile, and works well with almost any style.

  • Gray: Neutral, providing a contemporary look that pairs with various styles.

  • Blue: Adds a calming oasis-like feel to your bathroom.

  • Brown/Wood Tones: Offers a warm, inviting touch to traditional or farmhouse styles.

  • Black: Bold and striking, perfect for modern or industrial designs.

Mirrors and Lighting


  • Single vs. Double Mirrors:
    • Single mirror for single vanities.
    • Double mirrors for double vanities to create symmetry.

  • Frame Styles:
    • Frameless mirrors for a minimalist look.
    • Framed mirrors in various styles, from rustic to contemporary.


  • Vanity Lighting Tips:
    • Install lighting at face level to reduce shadows.
    • Choose wall sconces or overhead lighting for even illumination.

  • Styles to Consider:
    • Sleek, modern fixtures for contemporary bathrooms.
    • Rustic or vintage-style lighting for farmhouse designs.

A well-chosen style, color, and mirror combination can transform your bathroom vanities into a focal point that embodies your aesthetic preferences.

Now, let’s explore some premium features that can elevate your vanity even further.

Premium Features for Vanities

Advanced Storage Solutions

Incorporating advanced storage solutions into your bathroom vanities can help keep your space organized and clutter-free.

  • Dovetail Drawers
    • Interlocking joints create sturdy, durable drawers.
    • Ideal for storing smaller items like cosmetics and toiletries.

  • Soft-Close Features
    • Prevents slamming, extending the life of cabinets and drawers.
    • Ensures a quiet and smooth operation.

Enhanced Durability and Aesthetics

Upgrade your bathroom vanity with these premium features to improve both durability and visual appeal.

Keep in mind that some premium features may only be available on a custom-built vanity.

Follow the link to discover how much a bathroom vanity costs.

  • Built-in Legs
    • Provide additional support for freestanding bathroom vanities.
    • Add elegance and elevate the overall design.

  • Concealed Hinges
    • Hidden hardware for a clean, seamless look.
    • Adjustable, soft-close options for smooth cabinet door operation.

  • Premium Materials
    • Solid wood cabinets for strength and longevity.
    • Engineered wood (MDF) offers a budget-friendly yet stylish alternative.

Countertop Upgrades

Elevate your vanity with premium countertops that offer both luxury and durability.

  • Thickness and Material Choice
    • Thicker Countertops (1.5″ +): More durable and visually striking.
      • Note: Solid surface options from Onyx can be custom-built to be as thick as 2″.
    • Granite Countertop: Natural, heat-resistant, and scratch-proof.
    • Quartz Countertop: Engineered stone, non-porous, and low-maintenance.

Follow the link to learn more about the difference between quartz and granite countertops.

Selecting a Faucet

Choose a faucet that complements your vanity style while offering reliable functionality.

  • Modern Designs: Sleek, minimalist faucets for contemporary vanities.

  • Vintage-Inspired: Traditional two-handle designs for farmhouse or transitional styles.

  • Wall-Mounted: Ideal for floating or modern bathroom vanities.

Upgrading your bathroom vanity with premium features ensures that it becomes a functional yet stylish centerpiece in your bathroom.

Make Your Bathroom Vanity Shine with Harshaw Home Renovators

Choosing the right bathroom vanity is essential to creating a stylish and functional space.

Whether you’re considering modern bathroom vanities or traditional designs, this guide has provided valuable insights to help you make the best choice for your bathroom remodeling project.

From understanding your bathroom layout to selecting the perfect vanity cabinet and countertop, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to transform your bathroom.

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