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Ready to elevate your daily routine? At Harshaw Home Renovators, we specialize in bathroom remodeling that turns your Olathe home into a haven of comfort and style. You’re not just swapping out tiles and fixtures; you’re creating a bathroom that enhances your lifestyle. 

Whether you’re looking for a spa-like retreat or a functional space that makes mornings smoother for your family, we’ve got you covered. Our team of Olathe bathroom remodelers works with you every step of the way, ensuring your vision comes to life. We handle all the details, including permits and inspections, so you can focus on enjoying your new space.

Why Harshaw Home Renovators Is Olathe's Go-To for Bathroom Remodeling

We’re the pros you can trust for bathroom remodeling in Olathe. Our team has skilled craftsmen and designers who can turn any space into a modern masterpiece. 

But what really sets us apart is our commitment to you, the homeowner. We’re all about transparent communication and top-notch customer service. From your initial consultation to the final reveal, we keep you in the loop. 

Plus, our use of high-quality materials ensures your bathroom looks great and stands the test of time. Choose Harshaw Home Renovators, and you’re choosing unparalleled quality and peace of mind.

A Custom Vanity Bathroom Remodel
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A Seamless Bathroom Remodeling Process Tailored To You

We know that remodeling can be overwhelming, especially when it’s a space as personal as your bathroom. Our design remodel process ensures your project goes as smoothly as possible. 

Once you contact us, we start with a detailed consultation to understand your needs and preferences. Then, we design, plan, and execute your Olathe bathroom remodeling project, always keeping your input front and center. And don’t worry about the mess; we’re meticulous about keeping your Olathe home clean during the project.

Unleash The Potential Of Your Olathe Bathroom

Do you think your bathroom is too small or outdated for a stunning transformation? Think again. Our team at Harshaw Home Renovators is skilled at maximizing every inch of space and breathing new life into even the most dated bathrooms. 

Whether it’s installing custom-made vanities, adding luxurious touches like spa showers, or optimizing the layout for better flow, we make sure your new bathroom is beautiful and functional. So, if you’re an Olathe homeowner considering a bathroom remodeling project, look no further. We’re here to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

A Modern Double Vanity Bathroom Remodel

Quality Materials, Lasting Beauty

We never compromise on quality. Our team sources the finest durable bathroom materials that look great and stand the test of time. Every element, from durable tiles that resist moisture to fixtures that add a touch of elegance, we choose with care. Our commitment to quality materials ensures that your bathroom will be a showstopper for years to come.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

At Harshaw Home Renovators, we believe that a successful bathroom remodeling project exceeds your expectations. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we’re attentive to your needs and open to your feedback. 

We’re not just remodeling a bathroom; we’re creating a space where you’ll start and end your day, and it should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. And for our Olathe clients, nothing is more important than delivering on that promise.

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Unmatched Quality & Skill

Choosing Harshaw Home Renovators means you're investing in top-notch quality. Whether revitalizing an older home or embarking on a smaller-scale project, our keen attention to detail ensures the final remodeling project is breathtaking.

Transparent Communication

Effective work begins with transparent communication. From the initial consultation to the regular updates we offer, you always know what's happening. Our commitment to open dialogue ensures you're not just a customer but an essential member of the project team.

Professionalism & Respect For Your Living Space

We understand that your home is your sanctuary. Our Olathe remodeling contractors are professional and deeply respectful of your personal space. We make it a point to clean up meticulously at the end of each workday, a crucial aspect for families with young children or pets.

Our Streamlined Process

We want to learn about your vision for your Olathe home.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Bathroom Remodelers In Olathe, KS

The investment for a bathroom makeover in Olathe can vary depending on the size and amenities you desire. To give you an idea:

  • For a bathroom ranging from 75–100 sq ft, the starting cost is $47k. This cost includes design consultation, complete demolition, and basic updates to plumbing and lighting without relocating them.
  • For a 100–150 sq ft bathroom, the base price is $78k, which includes the same services as the smaller size but with mid-tier fixtures.
  • For a more expansive 150–200 sq ft bathroom, the starting budget is $96k, encompassing a layout redesign and high-end fixtures.

These are ballpark figures, and we will provide a personalized quote after an in-depth, on-site consultation.

The duration of your bathroom renovation in Olathe is contingent on the project’s scope and intricacies:

  • A 75–100 sq ft bathroom usually takes 17–20 working days to complete.
  • For a 100–150 sq ft bathroom, you’re looking at an estimated 25–30 working days.
  • A larger 150–200 sq ft bathroom will generally take 30–35 working days to finish.

These are approximate timelines and can fluctuate based on your specific renovation needs.

The largest cost in a bathroom renovation typically stems from layout changes. Altering the existing layout involves not just demolition but also potential drywall adjustments.

Whenever drywall needs to be cut or replaced, expect additional costs. So, if you’re contemplating a significant layout shift, be prepared for it to be the most substantial budget item.

To enhance the value of your Olathe bathroom, consider incorporating elements like walk-in showers, bathtub refinishing, or upgrading to high-end vanities and countertops.

New flooring and cabinetry can also make a significant impact. Opting for timeless, neutral designs that cater to a broad audience can further optimize your return on investment.

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